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About Us

JFM Environmental JFM Environmental Limited (JFM) was originally founded in 1993 as an environmental consulting and services company specializing in the provision of top quality Environmental Site Assessments, site decommissioning, and environmental research services.  Since that time, JFM has expanded its suite of services to offer a full range of remediation solutions, as well as the management of those solutions to clients looking for cost effective methods of assessing, quantifying and then effectively dealing with their environmental risks and estate contamination issues.

Services offered include:

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Operating from offices in the Greater Toronto Area, London, and Brantford, Ontario, our mission is to offer personalized service in developing creative solutions for minimizing the environmental risks and liabilities of its clients.

Our results-driven focus on achievement of the client’s ultimate needs is what distinguishes JFM from other consulting firms. Over the years, we have established a reputation for providing expert, innovative and technically sound solutions to environmental problems on a cost-effective basis for our clients.