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Licensing, Insurance & Bonding

Licensing, Insurance & Bonding



JFM currently holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) to conduct geoscience work in the course of its environmental investigations.  Under Section 15 of the Professional Geoscientists Act, 2000, corporations that offer or provide services to the public in Ontario that constitute the practice of Professional Geoscience are required by March 31, 2003, to obtain and annually renew a Certificate of Authorization from APGO.


In addition to the APGO accreditation, JFM holds a Certificate of Authorization – General from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) as required under the Professional Engineers Act to provide engineering services to the public.  In addition to authorizing the conduct of engineering-related activities in general, PEO accreditation is specifically required in connection with the legislative requirements outlined in the Ontario Water Resources Act, e.g. practitioners must hold such a Certificate in order to legally perform inspections of water works systems in Ontario.


JFM is also appropriately licensed under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, with respect to UST handling and removal activity, and in any related cleanup / remediation operations.




JFM maintains appropriate forms and coverage levels of insurance with major carriers pursuant to the nature of the environmental operations undertaken by the company.  These policies consist of Environmental Consultant’s Professional Liability (i.e. Errors & Omissions) insurance and Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage. JFM’s CGL policy is further enhanced by Contractor Pollution Liability coverage and a series of endorsements that enable JFM to also operate as a remediation contractor, a waste broker, and as a waste transporter.


Surety Bonding


For clients that require the posting of bid or performance surety bonds in connection with our environmental remediation services, JFM and its insurers are able to provide such assurances on a site-specific basis where necessary.