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Hydrogeological Assessments

As part of the property development process, a hydrogeological assessment will often be required. A hydrogeological assessment may be completed to assess the impacts of proposed development on existing water supply wells, Areas of Natural or Scientific Interest (ANSI), wetlands, streams, and other sensitive receptors that may be affected.

A hydrogeological assessment may be required prior to development to avoid negatively impacting a surface water body, such as this pond.

The assessment may require the completion of boreholes to assess the soil stratigraphy of the property. Following the completion of boreholes groundwater monitoring wells will be installed and utilized to monitor the groundwater regime.

As part of the assessment we conduct a review that will typically consist of inquiry, discussion and observation, of the current use of the property and abutting properties, and the current and historical practices or operations that may have impacted the groundwater regime.

As part of a typical review, the available hydrogeological and geological mapping will be assessed. Information reviewed may include the susceptibility of groundwater to surface sources of contamination, soil conditions, previous environmental reports, etc. Well records are obtained from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for the area of the Site and surrounding properties, which identifies existing and historical wells located within the area. The well records identify their respective locations, depth, and construction of each well, the composition of the aquifer exploited by the well, and the static water level recorded when the well was constructed.

JFM Environmental Limited has completed hydrogeological assessments on a variety of property types across southwestern Ontario. Past work has involved residential, commercial, and industrial properties and developments.

Monitoring Well
A monitoring well used during a hydrogeological assessment.
Monitoring Well
Flush mount monitoring wells are used in areas of high traffic.