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Mould Surveys

Mould is everywhere and unavoidable. Its growth is always associated with elevated moisture and / or water damage.  JFM offers services that can find and identify water sources that have lead to microbial contamination.  The identification of the presence, source and the extent of microbial contamination are important in developing a successful remediation plan.  JFM investigates, monitors, supervises, and verifies proper project management and job completion for cases of mold growth.


Mold growth
Mold growth on a basement wall.

Our Services:

  • Base line moisture investigation / water damage surveys
  • Base line mold surveys
  • Designing a suitable “scope of work” for mold remediation projects
  • Project monitoring and supervision
  • Conducting post remediation verification testing (also known as “clearance testing”)
  • Designing mold prevention plans
The Clean Trust, formerly known as the IICRC


JFM’s water and mold personnel are trained by The Clean Trust, formerly the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, (IICRC).


For more information please contact us or fill out our Mold Consultation Form.


Negative Pressure Enclosure Area
Negative pressure enclosure, used to isolate the work area and prevent cross contamination.