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Contaminant Remediation Services

Contaminant Remediation Services

JFM is able to provide clients with complete contaminant remediation services, on either a turnkey basis or as separate individual steps in the process, according to the needs of the client.  In addition to on-site remediation solutions, our licensing as a contractor enables JFM to provide superior cost-effective services with respect to the assessment, characterization and off-site disposal of contaminated soils in connection with Underground Storage Tank (UST) removals and the securing of the appropriate Record of Site Condition (RSC) upon completion of the cleanup.


Hydrocarbon remediation programs managed by JFM have ranged in size from treating minor spill events to those that involved the removal of 23 USTs as a single project.  Many JFM clients have experienced large cost savings because of our expertise in managing all types and sizes of environmental programs.


The effectiveness of remediation technologies in general has greatly improved over the past decade, as a number of former largely theoretical applications have evolved into accepted proven solutions. New and improved remediation technologies continue to become available on a regular basis. JFM is intimately familiar with all relevant legislation and how it interconnects with the host of contemporary and successful environmental remediation techniques and methodologies available. This specialized knowledge enables us to either conduct directly or manage the remediation of almost any modern industrial contaminant back to satisfactory levels.


Once any on-site contamination has been mitigated to regulatory acceptable concentrations for the intended continued use of the property, JFM will document all environmental assessment and restoration activity conducted at the site, such that the client can then demonstrate to interested parties that the property’s condition has been restored to the permissible standard. When requested to do so, JFM will prepare and file an RSC with the appropriate regulatory authorities documenting the post-corrective environmental conditions at the site, thereby allowing normal uses to resume and / or redevelopment to proceed.