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Soil & Groundwater Investigations

JFM personnel have conducted literally hundreds of individual soil and groundwater investigations under all types of land occupancy circumstances and geological settings. Typically these types of investigations are required in larger urban industrial settings, however, trends in environmental awareness such as the Walkerton, Ontario experience have extended the prospective areas where this type of work is required to smaller and rural communities as well.
JFM is equipped to conduct soil investigations varying in size from a single test pit to drilling and sampling programs covering large numbers of boreholes placed in strategic locations on a suspect property. JFM personnel are experienced in all soil sampling protocols as well as the direction of all related field equipment and machinery sourced through subcontractors.
With respect to groundwater investigations, hydrogeological services offered by JFM include groundwater resource identification, delineation of capture zones, test well drilling and installation, field sampling and analysis, and interpretative contaminant hydrogeology. A large number of our remediation projects also required the development and implementation of ongoing groundwater monitoring programs. JFM personnel have conducted investigations for the complete range of potential soil and groundwater contaminants, e.g. hydrocarbons, solvents, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs, metals, inorganics and various other compounds.

Groundwater Monitoring Well
A groundwater monitoring well used for the collection of water level information and groundwater samples.

Our considerable expertise and experience in the soil and groundwater investigation area enables us to provide our clients with the means of obtaining accurate and complete data about their lands, secured on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost. This in turn permits our clients to make informed environmental management decisions to the betterment of their organizations.